Lumpia Samijaya: The Most Delicious Spring Rolls in Town!

For those of you who don't know the latest location for Lumpia Samijaya, here is more information!
1 Sep 2022 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Lumpia Samijaya (Spring Rolls) / @jajanyogya
Lumpia Samijaya (Spring Rolls) / @jajanyogya

For those who have been to Malioboro, you must be familiar with the Lumpia Samijaya cuisine! This spring roll has become a legendary culinary spot in Yogyakarta because it was established in 1976 and used to sell in front of the "Samijaya" shop. However, due to the relocation of all Malioboro's street food tenants, the location of Lumpia Samijaya also moved to another place.

Here is more information for those who don't know the latest location for Lumpia Samijaya!


Many people have asked about where Lumpia Samijaya has moved to now? You can find this spring roll cart on Mataram street near the Sop Pak Min Klaten stall. You will find it easier to find because there is a large banner indicating the location of this newest Samijaya Lumpia.

Menu List and Opening Hours

What menus are available at Lumpia Samijaya? Here is the latest list and prices!

  • Special Spring Rolls (Vegetable, Chicken, Quail Egg): IDR 7,000
  • Chicken Spring Rolls (Vegetable, Chicken): IDR 6,000

If you are too lazy to get out of bed, Lumpia Samijaya is now available in various smartphone delivery applications. This Lumpia Samijaya is open daily from 10.00-21.00.

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