Lontong Kak Lin: Favorite Lontong in Medan

Lontong Kak Lin has been open since 30 years ago
12 Aug 2022
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Lontong Kak Lin /  @makanmana
Lontong Kak Lin / @makanmana

Medan is one of the cities in Indonesia that has been named a favorite tourist destination, especially in the culinary field. If you are in Medan, one of the places you must visit is Lontong Kak Lin.

At Lontong Kak Lin, there are food and drink menus that you can taste. In accordance with the name of the place, the main menu at Lontong Kak Lin is the Lontong menu which has several variations. Curious about the various food and beverage menus at Lontong Kak Lin? Let's see the information below!


Menu Prices and Opening Hours

Lontong Pecal / @travelokaeats
Lontong Pecal / @travelokaeats
Lupis / @travelokaeats
Lupis / @travelokaeats

Here are the menu prices at Lontong Kak Lin:

Vegetable Lontong Menu

  • Vegetable Lontong: Rp 18.000
  • Vegetable Lontong with Egg: Rp 20.500
  • Vegetable Lontong with Chicken: Rp 32.500
  • Vegetable Lontong with Rendang: Rp 37.000

Lontong Pecal Menu

  • Lontong Pecal: Rp 22.500
  • Lontong Pecal with Egg: Rp 24.500
  • Lontong Pecal with Chicken: Rp 37.000
  • Lontong Pecal with Rendang: Rp 40.000

Cake Menu

  • Pulut: Rp 10000
  • Cenil: Rp 14.000
  • Lupis: Rp 16.500


  • Tea (Hot/Cold): Rp 7.500
  • Milo (Hot/Cold): Rp 16.000
  • White Milk (Hot/Cold): Rp 16.000
  • 600ml Mineral Water: Rp 6.000

The favorite menus of various visitors at Lontong Kak Lin are Lontong Sayur and Lupis cakes. This place has become one of the favorite tourist destinations in the city of Medan. This place is open every day, from 07.00 to 16.00 WIB.

Here is the following information about Lontong Kak Lin. Can't wait to visit and taste the food and drinks in this place?

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