Tiger Claw Bandung: Noodle and Hainanese Rice Paradise in the City of Flower

Are you looking for a Hainanese rice culinary place in Bandung? You must stop by Tiger Claw, a restaurant that is open from morning to night. Find complete information in this article.
21 Dec 2023 ·By Izzah Putri Jurianto
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Bandung is not only known as a cool tourist city but also has many interesting culinary spots. One of them is a specialist in noodles and Hainanese rice, namely Tiger Claw.

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You can find Tiger Claw's location on Jalan Purwakarta No. 116, Antapani Kidul, Antapani, Bandung. They are open every day from 06.00-21.00 WIB, thus it is not uncommon for locals to use this place as a destination for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Even though the Tiger Claw area is not too big, there are enough tables and chairs so there won't be any crowding around when eating. The atmosphere of the restaurant is designed in such a way with wall ornaments and decorative hanging lights that resemble houses in China.

Menu and Price at Tiger Claw

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Tiger Claw offers several types of dishes, including Hainanese rice, noodles, porridge, and dim sum. For each portion, the menu at Tiger Claw ranges from tens to 30 thousand IDR. Additionally, you don't need to worry because all the food is cooked without using pork, lard, or cooking wine. Here are some recommended menus at Tiger Claw.

  1. Nasi Hainan Ayam Panggang (34,000 IDR)
  1. Nasi Hainan Ayam Rebus (31,000 IDR)
  1. Nasi Hainan Ayam Charsew (34,000 IDR)
  1. Nasi Hainan Ayam Jamur (31,000 IDR)
  1. Mie Hot Tiger Chili Oils (15,000 IDR)
  1. Mie Hot Tiger Sambal Matah (15,000 IDR)
  1. Bakmie Ayam Jamur (31,000 IDR)
  1. Bakmie Ayam Panggang (34,000 IDR)
  1. Lumpia Kulit Tahu Ayam (13,000 IDR)
  1. Cakue Udang Goreng (12,000 IDR)

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