Kodaigiri: A Taste of Japanese Culinary in Premium Onigiri Bites

Kodaigiri is an interesting spot to visit for onigiri lovers. Buyers can explore various flavors and combinations of onigiri according to their individual tastes. Not only does it serve classic onigiri, but it also creates new innovations that are interesting for culinary connoisseurs.
29 Dec 2023 ·By Izzah Putri Jurianto
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Amidst the hustle and bustle of shopping malls, there is a place that embraces Japanese taste with love: Kodaigiri. This distinctive shop with a modern twist has become a favorite destination for onigiri lovers looking for a unique and satisfying culinary experience.

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Kodaigiri presents delicious onigiri, triangular rice bites that tempt the taste buds. The choice of fillings is so varied, from soft tamago, fresh shrimp, crunchy katsu, and savory salmon, to tongue-tempting beef. Each onigiri is served in a fairly large portion, making Kodaigiri a suitable choice for those who want to experience a stomach-filling pleasure.

Outlet Locations of Kodaigiri

If you are interested in trying Kodaigiri, here is a list of locations and operating hours. Apart from being able to buy offline, you can also order via the Tokopedia, Grab Food, and Gofood applications.

  1. Kodaigiri MOI Location: Mall Of Indonesia, Jalan Boulevard Baru Raya No. 12 Lantai 1F, D24, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday (10.00-22.00 WIB)
  1. Kodaigiri Kebon Jeruk Location: Jalan Mandala 5, Kios Unit 5E, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday (09.00-22.00 WIB)

Menu and Prices at Kodaigiri

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As an onigiri specialist shop, Kodaigiri prepares many variations of fillings, ranging from tamago, shrimp, katsu, salmon, beef, and many more. In fact, you can also try the Sando menu or fruit-filled sandwiches which went viral a few months ago.

  1. Kurimi Tamago (15,000 IDR)
  1. Kodai Maguro (20,000 IDR)
  1. Shrimp Mentaiyaki (20,000 IDR)
  1. Katsu Kare (20,000 IDR)
  1. Salmon Mentaiyaki (25,000 IDR)
  1. Kurimi Tori Truffle (25,000 IDR)
  1. Beef Liwet (25,000 IDR)
  1. Beef Kinoko Gohan (25,000 IDR)
  1. Ichigo Sando (35,000 IDR)
  1. Matcha Ichigo Sando (35,000 IDR)

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