G'litik Indonesian Eatery: A Comfortable Lunch Spot in the Center of South Jakarta

In the hustle of South Jakarta, hidden among tall office buildings, G'litik Indonesian Eatery offers an authentic Indonesian culinary experience. Despite its modest size, G'litik transforms its dining area into a clean and neat space, becoming a preferred spot for office workers in the surrounding area.
29 Dec 2023 ·By Izzah Putri Jurianto
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G'litik Indonesian Eatery is like a breath of fresh air amidst busy office life. Even though this restaurant doesn't have a very large room, every corner is cleverly designed to create a comfortable atmosphere for customers. A proper dining area is the perfect place to eat delicious dishes and share stories with friends or colleagues.

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The G'litik Indonesian Eatery menu not only serves typical Indonesian dishes but also provides creative touches that make each dish special. From tender rendang to tempting gudeg, every dish is served with all the heart. G'litik succeeds in maintaining a consistent taste on each menu, providing a reliable culinary experience every time you visit.

The location of G'litik Indonesian Eatery is in South Jakarta, precisely on Jalan Birah Raya No. 9, Rawa Baru. Every Saturday-Thursday, this eating place is open from 11.00-20.00 WIB. Meanwhile, on Fridays, they open earlier at 10.00-20.00 WIB.

Menu and Price at G'litik Indonesian Eatery

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As its name, G'litik Indonesian Eatery is a restaurant that specializes in serving Indonesian cuisine. There is a menu choice of rice, side dishes, vegetables, noodles, and even porridge. Here are some recommended menus that you can try.

  1. Nasi Bakar Ikan (23,000 IDR)
  1. Nasi Bakar Ayam (26,000 IDR)
  1. Bakmi Jawa Goreng (30,000 IDR)
  1. Bakmi Ayam G'litik (25,000 IDR)
  1. Kikil Lombok Ijo (30,000 IDR)
  1. Mangut Lele (25,000 IDR)
  1. Tumis Daun Pepaya (18,000 IDR)
  1. Tahu Bacem (6,000 IDR)
  1. Bubur Ayam (25,000 IDR)
  1. Paket Gudeg (28,000 IDR)

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