The Enchantment of Lempuyang Temple in Karangasem, Bali!

If you visit Bali, various places must be seen, including Lempuyang Temple in Karangasem.
25 Nov 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Lempuyang Temple / @lady_travels
Lempuyang Temple / @lady_travels

Bali is known as an island with a majority population who are Hindus. This makes Bali one of the areas in Indonesia known for its cultural diversity and exciting history to explore. If you visit Bali, various places must be seen, including Lempuyang Temple in Karangasem.

Lempuyang Temple is an area used by the Hindu community in Bali to carry out their religious activities. This temple is a favorite tourist destination for many newcomers to Bali because you can see views of Mount Agung from here.

If you want to know more about Lempuyang Temple, see the information below!



The following are some of the facilities that you can find at Lempuyang Temple:

  • Parking area
  • Toilet
  • Spot Photos
  • Food stalls


Lempuyang Temple / @virginiamoreira.santos
Lempuyang Temple / @virginiamoreira.santos

Lempuyang Temple is grouped in one temple complex: Sad Kahyangan Luhur Lempuyang Temple or "6 World Sacred Places". The Balinese believe that this temple will provide spiritual balance for Bali. Tourists often call Lempuyang Temple the "Gates of Heaven" because of the temple's beauty, which has a scenic background in Karangasem Regency.

Lempuyang Temple is located at an altitude of 1,175 meters above sea level and in the Mount Lempuyang area. You can see the temple area in the hill area with hundreds of steps. To get to the top of the temple area, you need to do trekking up the stairs for 10 minutes. While visiting Lempuyang Temple, remember to capture every moment you use a camera or cell phone.

Entrance Ticket and Opening Hours

Lempuyang Temple / @ianrmccullough
Lempuyang Temple / @ianrmccullough
Lempuyang Temple / @ianrmccullough
Lempuyang Temple / @ianrmccullough

The following is the latest information regarding the price of admission to Lempuyang Temple:

  • Entrance ticket: IDR 50,000 (including cloth cover)
  • Shuttle Bus Fee: IDR 50,000
  • Motorcycle Parking: IDR 5,000
  • Car Parking: IDR 10,000

Lempuyang Temple Tourism is open every day from 06.00-19.00. That's a review of Lempuyang Temple. Remember to add it to your tour agenda while in Bali!

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