Latest Info and Ticket Prices for Dusun Semilir Bawen Eco Park

Check the latest info before traveling to Dusun Semilir Bawen!
5 Aug 2022 ·By Ivan Zulfikar
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Have a vacation plan around Semarang? One of the favorite tourist destinations that are always crowded is Dusun Semilir Bawen. This tourist spot is famous as an instagrammable tourist spot. It is located about 300m from the Semarang-Bawen toll exit. This place is one of the largest theme parks in Central Java.

Exciting activities at Dusun Semilir

The main recreation in this place is of course various photo spots such as Rainbow Slide, Memories Street, Gangnam Street, and the European Square. The Gangnam tourist area and the European Square are additional areas just completed in 2020.

European Square /
European Square / dusunsemilir
Rainbow slide /
Rainbow slide / dusunsemilir
Horse field /
Horse field / dusunsemilir

There are many more exciting photo locations such as Alas Tirta, Alas Angon, and Hanoman Mumpat. To take pictures in this place does not need an additional fee outside the entrance ticket.

In addition to photo spots, the rides here are also interesting and varied, suitable for families who are on vacation with children. Among the rides that you can ride are ATV, train, gondola, and horse riding.

Don't miss the opportunity to have a culinary tour in Dusun Semilir. Not only are many choices of traditional food, Korean and Asian specialties are also here. The choices are very diverse and delicious, priced at standard tourist prices, of course. You can also have lunch at a restaurant with an aesthetic design and a beautiful view here.

Entrance Ticket Price

**Prices can change at any time

  • Weekdays: IDR 25,000
  • Holidays: IDR 40,000
  • Pass Ticket for 4 additional rides: IDR 100,000

Hotels in Semarang

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