Kasap Beach in Pacitan: Most Stunning Beach in East Java

Planning to go to Kasap Pacitan Beach? Check out the following information!
6 Jul 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Kasap Beach /
Kasap Beach / @nanang_a_e

Kasap Pacitan Beach is one of the hidden gems in the Pacitan area. Kasap Beach Pacitan is still relatively natural and has not been visited by many people because the local government has also not fully managed this place.

This beach is often nicknamed "Raja Ampat in Pacitan" because of the cluster of islands in this coastal area.

This place is perfect for going with friends to spend time off.

Are you planning to go to Kasap Pacitan Beach? Check out the following information!



Sunset View in Kasap Beach /
Sunset View in Kasap Beach / deehqyandr
  • Sunset and Sunrise Views
    • Kasap Beach Pacitan is known for its stunning views of Sunset and Sunrise. The best time to come to Kasap Beach is in the morning (08.00-10.00) and the afternoon (16.00-17.30).

  • Raja Ampat-like Island Cluster
    • On Kasap Beach, many clusters of islands are scattered along the coast. This island group makes Kasap Beach, often called Raja Ampat in Pacitan.

  • Instagramable Photo Spots
    • The manager of Kasap Pacitan Beach also provides several Instagramable photo spots on the coast.


Berikut adalah beberapa fasilitas yang ada di Pantai Kasap Pacitan:

Here are some of the facilities available at Kasap Beach in Pacitan:

  • Toilet/Change Room
  • Parking area
  • Mosque
  • Shop
  • Instagramable Photo Spots

Tips for Visiting Kasap Beach in Pacitan

  • You can bring a change of clothes if you want to play in the water on the beach
  • Avoid coming to this beach during the rainy season because the waves will be higher during the rainy season
  • You can bring your camera to capture memorable moments
  • Keep it clean by not littering

Entrance Ticket Price

The price of admission at Kasap Pacitan Beach is IDR 7,000 per person. Opening hours at Kasap Pacitan Beach every day from 06.00-17.30.

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