Jetstar will relocate to Terminal 4 at Singapore Changi Airport on March 25, 2023

After a joint study with Changi Airport Group, a deal was reached.
6 Nov 2022
Budget airline Jetstar Asia
Budget airline Jetstar Asia

Jetstar Asia, a low-cost airline, will move from Terminal 1 at Changi Airport to Terminal 4 on March 25, 2023. The company announced in a joint press release with Changi Airport Group that the move was made following a joint study by CAG and Jetstar Asia.

CAG has worked closely with Jetstar in this relocation.

Changi Airport Terminal 4
Changi Airport Terminal 4

CAG’s Managing Director of Terminal Operations, Lim Ching Kiat, said in a press release that CAG valued Jetstar Asia as an aviation partner. CAG has worked with Jetstar Asia to study the potential impact of its move to T4 on passenger experiences and business. In addition, CAG acknowledged that Jetstar Asia needed more time to prepare for relocation to T4. The airline’s schedule has been extended by five months.

Lim continued: "With the operational requirements that have been put in place by CAG to support its relocation, Jetstar Asia has been assured that its interests and those of its passengers will be met.”

Jetstar Asian appreciates the efforts of CAG

CEO Jetstar Asia, Barathan Pasupathi, thanked the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAG) and "many" members of Jetstar involved in the collaboration for their input into the study.

“Since its inception in Singapore 18 years ago, Jetstar Asia has based itself at Terminal 1. Over the past 18 years, the airline has welcomed more than 40 million passengers on board and broadened its range of premium partner products to include Qantas, Emirates and around 40 codeshare and interline partners.” — CEO of Jetstar Asia, Barathan Pasupathi

On September 13, Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 reopened after more than two years of closure due to the Covid-19 virus, which killed thousands around the world. AirAsia Group, Cathay Pacific, and Korean Air were among the airlines that moved operations to terminal one during their opening month.

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