Imba Coffee: New Coworking Space in Semarang

Check out the information below to get more insights into Imba Coffee's ambiance, attractions, and menu prices.
26 Jan 2023 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Imba Coffee in Semarang — Semarang has many cafes offering a variety of coffee menus, perfect for hanging out and refreshing your mind. Among the new cafes, Imba Coffee stands out for its cozy atmosphere and excellent work and relaxation space. Below, you can find more information about the ambiance, attractions, and menu prices of Imba Coffee.


Imba Coffee /
Imba Coffee /


The following are some of the facilities available at Imba Coffee Semarang:

  • Parking area
  • Wi-Fi
  • Toilet
  • Smoking Areas
  • Coworking Space
  • Indoor Areas & Outdoor Areas


Imba Coffee / @fathandidit
Imba Coffee / @fathandidit
Imba Coffee / @fathandidit
Imba Coffee / @fathandidit
Imba Coffee / @fathandidit
Imba Coffee / @fathandidit
Imba Coffee / @fathandidit
Imba Coffee / @fathandidit


Imba Coffee, a café that was originally located in Yogyakarta, has now expanded to Semarang. Just like their concept in Jogja, Imba Coffee Semarang is a perfect place for remote working or hanging out with friends. The café boasts a modern interior concept with monochrome colors as the dominant theme.

Menu list

What's on the menu at Imba Coffee? The following is a menu list along with the latest prices!

Modern Espresso Based

  • Initial J: 33K
  • Citijen: 33K
  • Netizens: 30K
  • Coffee Kaw: 35K
  • Net Citizens: 33K
  • Coconut Trees: 35K

Classic Espresso Based

  • Coffee C: 25K-28K
  • Americano: 25K-28K
  • Cappuccino: 25K
  • Piccolo: 25K

Powder Based

  • Matcha: 26K-33K
  • Nutella: 35K
  • Red Velvet: 30K-35K
  • Chocolate: 25K-28K

Manual Brew

  • Imbr: 35K
  • Japanese Iced: 30K
  • Japanese Iced: 39K
  • Toebroek: 28K
  • Regular Beans: 28K
  • Limited Beans: 35K

Tea Based

  • Ocha Tea: 20K
  • Black Tea: 20K
  • Oolong Tea: 20K
  • Lychee Tea: 27K
  • Thai Tea: 25K
  • Tropical Mangoes: 27K
  • Cranberry Sunrise: 30K

Sharing Foods

  • French Fries: 25K
  • Churros: 25K
  • Edamame: 25K
  • Golden Chicken: 30K
  • Fish and Chips: 30K
  • Loaded Fries: 32K

Fried Rice

  • Imba Fried Rice: 29K
  • Oriental Fried Rice: 30K
  • Kampung Fried Rice: 29K
  • Padang Fried Rice: 29K


  • Aglio Olio: 30K
  • Carbonara: 30K

Rice Bowls

  • Dorry: 33K
  • Chickens: 30K
  • Black Pepper Chicken: 32K
  • BBQ Chicken: 29K
  • Chicken Katsu: 30K

Opening hours

And don't forget that this coffee shop is open every day from 08.00 to 00.00, so you can enjoy its perks anytime you want. So, are you interested in visiting Imba Coffee Semarang?

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