Ilu Space: Roller Skating Arena in Yogyakarta

Ilu Space is the first place to play roller skates in Yogyakarta, located at Jogja City Mall.
28 Nov 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Ilu Space Jogja / @desakmayumi
Ilu Space Jogja / @desakmayumi

Roller skating is an exciting activity because it has various benefits, such as training balance and reducing stress, and is also effective for burning calories. Playing roller skates has also become popular in different cities in Indonesia, including Yogyakarta. You can find a new spot to roller skate freely and safely at Ilu Space Yogyakarta.

Ilu Space is a game vehicle located in Jogja City Mall (2nd Floor) which provides a roller skate arena, photo spots, and rental places. Not only be played by children but also can be played by adults! Want to know more about roller skates at Ilu Space? Come on, see the information below!



Here are some of the facilities that you can get at Ilu Space:

  • Roller Skate Rentals (Size up to 44)
  • Safety Helmet
  • Storage Locker
  • Spot Photos
  • Guide Helper


You don't need to bring roller skate equipment, because all equipment is available at Ilu Space. This place provides several unique and instagramable photo spots that you can use to your heart's content. If you are a newbie to roller skating, Ilu Space also provides guide helpers who can help you practice balance. No need to worry about trying roller skating at Ilu Space!

Entrance Ticket and Opening Hours

The following are the latest Ilu Space Jogja entrance ticket prices:

  • Entrance Ticket: IDR 70,000 (2 hours of play)

Ilu Space Jogja is open every day from 10.00-21.00. So, what are you waiting for? You should invite your friends and family to spend the weekend at Ilu Space!

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