Halimun Salak Hill: For Peace Seekers

Beautiful tourist spots that are still rarely visited
22 Apr 2022 · By Ivan Zulfikar
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For residents of Greater Jakarta, Mount Salak is one of the favorite places to visit for natural healing. This mountainous area has many beautiful spots that you can visit. One of them is Halimun Salak Hill.

Wooden house /
Wooden house / datawisata.com

Compared to other tourist attractions in Mount Salak, Halimun Salak Hill is not as busy as Ranggon Hills or Curug Pangeran. The road here is still difficult to walk because it has not been repaired so only a few tourists come here. 4-wheeled vehicles will have difficulty accessing this place.

Suspension bridge /
Suspension bridge / indonesia.tripcanvas.co

But don't worry about comfort and safety when visiting this tourist attraction.

There are several inns and homestays around Halimun Salak hill that provide affordable prices for backpackers.

The atmosphere around this hill is very cool, perfect for those of you who want to feel a cold sensation while on vacation.

In addition, the hills, the dawn mist combined with the sound of birds chirping will make your mind feel calm and relaxed.

Villa near Halimun Salak Hill

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