Guide to Tumurun Private Museum

Tumurun Private Museum was created by H.M. Lukminto.
5 Jul 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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The “WHY” Artwork by Aditya Novali
The “WHY” Artwork by Aditya Novali

If you are in Solo, don't forget to visit the Tumurun Private Museum, one of Solo's most famous historical and artistic tourist destinations. This place displays various masterpieces of art installations and paintings from well-known Indonesian artists.

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The “WHY” Artwork by Aditya Novali
The “WHY” Artwork by Aditya Novali

Tumurun Private Museum is a private museum created by H.M. Lukminto, a successful textile entrepreneur in Solo. The museum officially opened around April 2018 and is still private except at certain times.

Tumurun Private Museum has a vast collection of unique artworks, from abstract paintings to modern art installations. The artwork displayed here includes several well-known artists, such as Aditya Novali, Affandi, Antonio Blanco, Walter Spies, Basoeki Abdullah, and Raden Saleh.

The artworks on display are divided into two zones, and namely, on the 1st floor, it will be a public zone where you can immediately see them when you come to the museum. While on the 2nd floor, you will see firsthand the installation of little works of art in the Tumurun Private Museum.

Entrance Ticket Price

The entrance ticket price for Tumurun Private Museum is free. You only need to make a ticket or reservation on the museum's website. To be able to enter this museum, you will be accompanied by a guide who will lead a group on a 30-60 minute tour of the museum.

How to Order The Entrance Tickets

Here's how to book tickets at the Tumurun Private Museum:

  • Then click the Online Registration menu
  • Choose the day and date of your arrival at the Tumurun Private Museum
  • The next step, fill in your data and also select the available group visit groups
  • Finally, fill in the security code and click the register

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