Goa Gong, The Most Beautiful Cave in Southeast Asia

A beautiful cave that can be visited with family
17 May 2022 · By Ivan Zulfikar
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Nature tourism enthusiasts will not miss a visit to this tourist attraction. Goa Gong (Gong Cave) is called the most beautiful cave because of the unique stalactite formations that fill the cave.

Goa Gong (Gong Cave) Location: Pacitan, East Java, Indonesia

Goa Gong (Gong Cave) is lit by dim colorful lights that add to the beauty of the stalactite. The stairs that are equipped with safety have been installed perfectly so this place can be visited for family visitors and children.

Colorful lighting in Goa Gong /
Colorful lighting in Goa Gong / indephedia

Goa Gong's name comes from the phenomenon when the stalactite was hit, it will make a resounding sound like the sound of a gong, one of the Javanese gamelan musical instruments.

Entrance Ticket and Transport

This tourist spot is easy to visit by car or bus, with an additional fee of IDR 5,000 by motorcycle taxi from the parking lot to the entrance. The entrance ticket costs IDR 20,000 for adults and IDR 10,000 for children.

Stalactites in Goa Gong /
Stalactites in Goa Gong / marinenaturetourism

Tips before entering the Cave

Cave is stuffy because it is located in a natural closed place. Bring a flashlight, a mini fan and an umbrella to avoid drops of water from the stalactites. You can buy the equipment above before entering the cave. For more beautiful photos, you can hire a photographer service at the entrance.

Not far from the cave, there is Klayar Beach that’s worth to visit. The beach is usually enjoyed by tourists in one route with Goa Gong.

Klayar Beach near Goa Gong /
Klayar Beach near Goa Gong / awalnya

Hotels near Goa Gong

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