Fransis Pizza Yogyakarta: The Menu Prices and Uniqueness!

Curious what the menu is at Fransis Pizza? Check out the following information!
8 Aug 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Pizza / @keztchup
Pizza / @keztchup

In Yogyakarta, it turns out that there is a pizza restaurant that still uses traditional baking tools and is one of the best pizzas in this city. This pizza restaurant is called Fransis Pizza which is located on Kaliurang Street.

Fransis Pizza provides several mainstay pizza menus that are guaranteed to be very tasty and have an authentic taste. Another unique thing about Fransis Pizza is that this restaurant is located in the owner's house, so you will feel like a guest being entertained by the owner of the house!

Curious what the menu is at Fransis Pizza? Check out the following information!


Fransis Pizza Yogyakarta is in the front yard of the owner's house, and the location is far from the highway. You can use the route to Kaliurang Street KM 11, then take the east direction to the Sukoharjo Village Office. You can turn into the alley before the village office and head towards Puntadewa Street.

Menu Prices and Opening Hours

For those of you who want to eat directly at Fransis Pizza but don't know what menu to order, here is a list of the latest menu prices at Fransis Pizza:


  • Marinara: IDR 47,000
  • Margherita: IDR 62,000
  • Mushrooms: IDR 70,000
  • White: IDR 79,000
  • Marinara Pecorino: IDR 81,000
  • Salami: IDR 88.000
  • Bresaola: IDR 135,000
  • Mushrooms: IDR 7,000
  • Greens: IDR 9,000
  • Olive Capers: IDR 30,000
  • Ricotta Cheese: IDR 20,000


  • Mineral Water: IDR 10,000
  • Seruni: IDR 18.000
  • Jenilang: IDR 18.000
  • Sida: IDR 13,000
  • Passion Fruit Soda: IDR 20,000

Other Menu

  • Cannoli: IDR 25,000/pcs
  • Insalata Capresse: IDR 60,000

Fransis Pizza is only open 2x a week, on Fridays and Saturdays from 17.00-20.00. Before you come to the restaurant, be sure to make a reservation and order via WhatsApp. You can check all the information through their Instagram at @francis_pizza.

That's complete information about Fransis Pizza. It's time for you to try the various pizzas right away!

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