FlyZoo: Alibaba's Futuristic Hotel
In this futuristic hotel, almost all services are performed by computers and robots
6 Oct 2019

In this futuristic hotel owned by Alibaba (a Chinese e-commerce company founded by Jack Ma), almost all services are performed and controlled by computers and robots.

Hotel Building

FlyZoo Hotel, located in Hangzhou, China has 290 rooms. From the outside, this hotel building is no different from other hotels. This hotel is located in the business district and is connected to a shopping center. Many tourist attractions near this hotel can be visited, including: Alibaba Xixi Park, Broken Bridge, Cai Shen Temple, Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Hangzhou Safari Park and Song Dynasty Town.

FlyZoo Hotel
FlyZoo Hotel

Hotel Reservations

Besides being able to be booked at online travel agents, FlyZoo also has its own special application. Through this application, guests can book rooms, choose floors and even view rooms.

Check In & Check Out

When arriving at the hotel, guests do not need to go to reception and queue to check in. Guests from China can directly check in via the app and head to their room. For guests from abroad, there is an automatic kiosk that can be used for self check-in, the hotel staff is also ready to help.

Upon check-in, a photo of the guest's face will be taken and will be used to verify that you are a hotel guest. Furthermore, to access the lifts, rooms and hotel facilities, guests only need to smile and point their faces at the camera available at the entrance to be verified by a computer.

To check out, there is no need to report to the reception, guests just pack up and leave. For early or late check out, guests only need to notify the hotel using the application. And don't worry about personal data protection, guest photos that have been taken will be deleted from the hotel's computer data.


Each room is equipped with a smart Tmall Genie device, which helps guests control the temperature, lights, curtains, TV, music and even answers simple questions - like "How to access WiFi?" - all with voice commands. For room service, if guests want mineral water or extra pillows, just order via Tmall Genie, and guest orders will be immediately delivered by an Alibaba robot.

Hotel facility

Guests who dine at the restaurant can order food through the menu contained in the application. After ordering, the food will be delivered by a robot to the table where the guest is sitting.

Breakfast is also served by a robot at the FlyZoo hotel
Breakfast is also served by a robot at the FlyZoo hotel

Apart from the restaurant, there is also a bar where guests can order drinks via the app. Don't be surprised if this drink is not made by humans but by robot bartenders.

For guests who like to exercise, a digital gym is available at this hotel with a variety of computer-controlled fitness and exercise programs.

Robot making coffee at FlyZoo hotel, Hangzhou, China
Robot making coffee at FlyZoo hotel, Hangzhou, China

The use of technology at FlyZoo aims to make hotel services convenient and easy to use and hotel staff freed from routine tasks, so that they can focus on providing a better service experience and improvement for guests.

Reference: Alizila