Explore Thailand's Diversity: 8 Unique Travel Experiences
Thailand is a dream destination full of surprises, with renowned hospitality, tropical beaches, stunning temples and deliciously satisfying cuisine
25 Mar 2022

Thailand is a dream destination full of surprises, with renowned hospitality, tropical beaches, stunning temples, and deliciously satisfying cuisine. Whether you're craving a scenic island escape, a refreshing mountain retreat, or a secluded riverside hideaway, the diversity of adventure and culture is sure to make you fall in love with this country.

Here are 8 authentic experiences you shouldn't miss while visiting Thailand:

1. Enjoy Thai Street Food at the Night Market

Night Market in Bangkok, Thailand
Night Market in Bangkok, Thailand

Satisfy your taste buds with cheap yet fresh and delicious Thai food at night markets in Thailand. Each night market is unique and pulsating with energy, offering a glimpse of Thailand's colorful culture. The food section of this night market is plentiful, and you can find a wide variety of food options, from main courses and snacks to desserts and drinks.

Recommended City: Bangkok

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, is a street food sanctuary. Visit Talad Rodfai Ratchada (Ratchada Train Market), one of Bangkok's most popular night food markets. Tonight's bazaar is packed with rows of stalls selling street food, snacks, knick-knacks, clothes, bags, and is also surrounded by restaurants and bars. Some of the must-try dishes include: Leng (boiled pork ribs), jumbo-sized noodles, Goong Tung (Thai spicy grilled seafood) and Moo Ping (Thai roast pork).

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2. Discover Thai Lanna Architecture

Temple with Thai Lanna architecture
Temple with Thai Lanna architecture

Apart from the capital's skyscrapers, European-style houses and modern architecture, Thailand is also famous for its Lanna buildings. Much of this beautiful architecture was built centuries ago during the Lanna Kingdom period. The most distinctive feature of Lanna's house is the intricately carved V-shaped sloping roof made of teak wood.

Recommended City: Chiang Mai

An ancient walled city surrounded by forest-clad hills; Chiang Mai is a city that exudes cultural charm. There are also many elegant Lanna-style retreats in this part of Northern Thailand, we recommend spending a few nights at Sibsan Luxury Hotel Rimping and Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai. Stroll the streets, visit the golden temple and enjoy the enchanting atmosphere.

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3. Enjoying Food at the Floating Market

Floating Market in Thailand
Floating Market in Thailand

Floating markets in Thailand have come a long way. While it was started traditionally to serve as central places for trade and domestic consumption, most have now evolved to make way for tourism. Enjoy the local vibe by taking a long-tail boat down the narrow winding waterways.

Recommended City: Pattaya

Covering an area of 100,000 square meters, the Pattaya Floating Market is the largest of its kind in Thailand. Separated into four sections, each section represents and sells items from the four major parts of Thailand – north, northeast, central and south. There are many authentic Thai dishes, desserts and specialties to taste here. Highlights include Pad Thai (stir-fried rice noodles), noodle soups, Ka Non Krok (coconut pancakes), Thong Yip (sweet egg yolk) and more. Don't forget to also check out the souvenir shops and art galleries.

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4. Interacting with Elephants

Elephant conservation in Chiang Rai
Elephant conservation in Chiang Rai

Did you know that you can play, observe and meet these incredible creatures in their natural, completely cruelty-free habitat? Instead of riding elephants or watching them perform tricks, elephant sanctuaries across Thailand offer you the opportunity to join them on a jungle trek and learn how to feed and bathe these gentle giants.

Recommended City: Chiang Rai

Thailand's northernmost province, Chiang Rai is the perfect destination for guests wanting to get away from it all. Discover the hidden corners of the Kingdom blessed with spectacular views and colorful culture. Apart from visiting the elephant sanctuary in Chiang Rai, those looking to relax and reconnect with nature can consider staying at Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort. Guests can observe majestic elephants in their natural habitat from the comfort of your own fully furnished and transparent Jungle Bubble. You can also do various activities such as walking with elephants, doing cultural tours with local guides and many more.

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5. Go to the islands

Enjoy crystal clear water in Phuket
Enjoy crystal clear water in Phuket

From the pristine beauty of crystal clear waters, untouched limestone islands, peaceful white sandy beaches, to adrenaline-pumping water sports, don't miss discovering Thailand's heavenly beaches for yourself!

Recommended City: Phuket

Thailand's largest island is lined with beautiful bays and stretches of silky soft sand. It is also an ideal base for exploring the islands of southern Thailand. Take a day trip to the nearby Phi Phi Islands and get the best views of the azure waters of the Andaman Sea and the surrounding landscape. Another must-see is Phang Nga Bay, and its main landmark, James Bond Island. If you want to get involved in some water sports, be sure to visit Coral Island for its various water sports and activities such as diving, snorkeling, parasailing and banana boating.

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6. Watch the thrilling Muay Thai match

Muay Thai Match
Muay Thai Match

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, also known as Thai boxing. This aggressive sport uses a combination of simple but effective movements. Action-packed, exciting and unique displays of determination and strength occur almost every night across Thailand including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and Phuket.

Recommended City: Bangkok

If you want a glimpse of what the sport is like, MBK Mall hosts free Muay Thai events from time to time. For those looking for the real deal, be sure to visit the Rajadamnern Stadium, the first Muay Thai stadium to be built in Thailand. The stadium hosts elite flights and you will be able to catch many of the best fighters here.

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7. Recover your energy with Thai Massage

Thai Massage
Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage focuses on releasing stress and pressure in one's body after a long day of activities. Get ready to be stretched, pulled, and rocked by your massager's hands. Then, look forward to feeling your stiff muscles loosen up after the session.

Recommended City: Koh Samui

Koh Samui is the original island paradise of Thailand. An emerald gem in the glistening Gulf of Thailand, this exotic gem is home to many of the best wellness centers in all of Thailand. This is a wonderful place to relax, revive your senses and recharge your batteries. Most of the spa resorts on the island offer facials, massages, body scrubs, and other wellness treatments aimed at improving your health and well-being.

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8. Participate in local festivals

Lanterns ready to fly at Loy Krathong festival
Lanterns ready to fly at Loy Krathong festival

Immerse yourself in Thai culture by experiencing some of the best celebrations in Thailand. Songkran is a big event in Thailand, celebrating the start of the Thai New Year. The locals believe that water is a symbol of spiritual purification, therefore during this 3-day celebration, they are armed with water guns and buckets of water ready to join the water fight. For a less crowded celebration, Loy Krathong is one of the visually stunning events. Every year, Loy Krathong falls on the night of the 12th moon when the full moon illuminates the night sky. Thousands of tiny candlelit floats (krathong) are released in rivers and waterways as offerings to river spirits and symbolically letting misfortune 'disappear'. Don't forget to make your wish for the year to come while you're at it!

Recommended Cities: Anywhere in Thailand

Songkran and Loy Krathong are festivals celebrated across the country so you can probably enjoy the celebrations almost anywhere. However, there are cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai, which celebrate this festival on a much larger scale. Don't miss a visit to Sukhothai, a city located in central Thailand, which is believed to be the birthplace of Loy Krathong. The Loy Krathong celebration in Sukhothai lasts for 5 days, which includes stunning floating lights, a beauty pageant, folk music performance, light show and parade. Also, remember to book hotels well in advance if you wish to travel to Thailand during this festive period.

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