Discover the Therapeutic Wonders of Banyu Panas Palimanan

This unique place was an accident of sorts, but turn out great place for therapy.
1 Dec 2022 ·By Ivan Zulfikar
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Have you ever heard of Banyu Panas Palimanan in Cirebon? This unique place was an accident of sorts, created by PT. Indocement during a drilling operation for clean water in 2008. However instead, a gush of hot, blue water spurted out, right next to the cement factory.

Banyu Panas Palimanan /
Banyu Panas Palimanan / bandoeng

Despite its unexpected origins, Banyu Panas Palimanan has become a popular destination for those seeking a therapeutic experience for their skin ailments. The hot water is said to have healing properties and the ticket prices are reasonably priced at Rp 10,000 per person, with an additional fee of Rp 6,000 for those who wish to take a dip in the water.

Banyu Panas Palimanan Palimanan, Cirebon

Aside from the therapeutic benefits, Banyu Panas Palimanan also offers a variety of facilities for visitors to enjoy. There is a jogging track for exercise enthusiasts, gazebos for relaxation, and a play area for children. However, it is important to note that cleanliness may not be the top priority at this location, so it is best to be cautious.

Relax and Unwind at the Gazebos

After enjoying the therapeutic waters of Banyu Panas Palimanan, take a break at one of the scenic gazebos on site. These open-air structures provide a peaceful and serene setting for visitors to relax and unwind. With its wooden benches and rustic charm, the gazebos at Banyu Panas Palimanan offer a perfect spot for a quick nap or a moment of solitude.

Play and Have Fun at the Children's Arena

Banyu Panas Palimanan also offers a fun-filled arena for children to play and let loose. With its colorful playground equipment and soft cushioned flooring, the children's arena is a safe and enjoyable space for kids to burn off some energy. Parents can watch from nearby benches and enjoy a sense of peace and relaxation while their children play.

Kids Playground /
Kids Playground / nativeindonesia

Get Fit at the Jogging Track

For those looking to stay active during their visit to Banyu Panas Palimanan, the jogging track is the perfect option. With its flat and even surface, the track is suitable for both casual joggers and serious runners. Surrounded by lush greenery, the jogging track at Banyu Panas Palimanan provides a serene and beautiful setting for a workout.

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