Cooking Using Kung Fu Techniques
This viral video shows three youths from Guizhou, China, cooking some foods using kung fu techniques.
24 May 2020

Three youths from Guizhou, China, made a video showing them cooking some foods using kung fu techniques. Their creative campaign began in November 2019 and has since attracted more than 800,000 followers on social media.

Cooking using kung fu techniques
Cooking using kung fu techniques

While chefs or cooks generally use kitchen utensils to prepare food, the chef appearing in the video cooks using kung fu techniques.

In one scene, the chef can be seen catching fresh fish and shrimp from the river, chopping them up using kung fu techniques and pouring spices from wine bottles.

In other videos, there are also scenes of fighting in the forest for food ingredients, body levitation, flying into the sky, and tendering the ducks meat using chi (inner strength).

These three teenagers are college friends and fans of kung fu movies. The idea of making this video arose during a discussion on campus. They prepared all the costumes and equipment for making this video by themselves.

It takes about 3 days to make this short video: the first day shooting in an outdoor location, the second day shooting in the studio for visual effects and the third day editing and finishing.

In addition to being an entertaining video, they also hope to promote Chinese culture and tourism through this video, said Cheng Hongliang, one of the creators of this kung fu cooking video.