Cochem Castle: The inspiration to Harry Potter’s Hogwarts

Coachem Castle and Hogwarts Castle are both located on a hill overlooking the river and houses
25 Mar 2022
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Cochem Castle on the hill / Robert Bilos
Cochem Castle on the hill / Robert Bilos

Cochem Castle is a beautiful castle located in the Moselle wine region in Germany. This castle has been around since the 11th century and has gone through many different owners over the years. The castle is currently owned by the city of Cochem and is open to the public for tours.

The castle is built on a hill overlooking the Moselle River and it is said that the view from the castle is one of the most beautiful in all of Germany. The castle has many different towers and towers that make it look like something out of a fairy tale. No wonder Cochem Castle was used as the inspiration for Hogwarts Castle in the Harry Potter films.

Looks like Hogwarts in Harry Potter series

Hogwarts Castle /
Hogwarts Castle / harrypotterwiki
Hogwarts facing a river / Warner Bros
Hogwarts facing a river / Warner Bros

Hogwarts Castle is one of the most iconic locations in the Harry Potter series, and it's easy to see why. The castle is majestic, beautiful, and full of history. But what many fans don't know is that this castle was inspired by a real-life location: Cochem Castle in Germany.

Like Cochem Castle, Hogwarts is situated on a hill overlooking a river and houses. And while Hogwarts is surrounded by the Scottish Highlands, Cochem Castle is located in Germany's Moselle wine region. Both castles are also home to secret passages and hidden chambers.

A well-maintained castle

Visiting Cochem Castle is like stepping back in time. The castle has been very well preserved and it is easy to imagine what life was like for the people who lived there centuries ago. The castle grounds are also very beautiful and there are lots of photo opportunities.

So, if you've ever been to Germany, be sure to visit Cochem Castle. It's a beautiful place with a rich history - and it might make you feel like you're at Hogwarts!

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