Cam On in Yogyakarta: Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Town!

Jika Anda tertarik untuk berkunjung ke Cam On Vietnamese, simak informai selengkapnya berikut ini!
10 Aug 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Cam On Vietnamese / @camon.foodandplace
Cam On Vietnamese / @camon.foodandplace

For those who love Vietnamese cuisine in Yogyakarta, there is a restaurant that serves a variety of Vietnamese specialties with authentic flavors, i.e., Cam On Vietnamese.

You can find various menus such as Pho Bo, Banh Mi, and other menus that use fresh ingredients and are guaranteed to be halal. All menus at Cam On Vietnamese don't use pork, lard, and angciu (Chinese wine).

If you are interested in visiting Cam On Vietnamese, check out the full information below!


Menu Prices and Opening Hours

Pho Ga / @camon.foodandplace
Pho Ga / @camon.foodandplace

Then, what are the menus at Cam On Vietnamese? The following is a complete menu and price list:


  • Com Ga + Cahn Bi Dao: IDR 32,000
  • Pho Bo: IDR 28.000
  • Pho Ga: IDR 28.000
  • Banh Mi: IDR 25,000
  • Banh Tom: IDR 25,000


  • Cola: IDR 6,000
  • Fanta: IDR 6,000
  • Botol Tea: IDR 6,000
  • Mineral Water: IDR 6,000
  • Coffee Cap: IDR 2,700

All the menus here are perfect for lunch or dinner because they are always served fresh, and don't forget to taste their delicious chili oil. Cam On Vietnamese Restaurant is open daily from 11.00-21.00.

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