Bu Asih's Kelopo Satay: A Delicious in Surabaya

Here is complete information about Kelopo Satay, for you who want to know more!
20 Mar 2023 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Bu Asih's Kelopo Satay — Besides being known for its Tahu Tek, Tahu Campur, and Rawon dishes, Surabaya also offers a variety of other typical culinary options. One of the favorite dishes among tourists is Kelopo satay, a beef satay seasoned with grated coconut and grilled over charcoal. The Javanese word “Kelopo” means coconut, which gives this dish a unique taste.

If you are interested in learning more about the renowned Bu Asih's Kelopo Satay, here is all the information you need!


Bu Asih's Kelopo Satay / @dav30ng
Bu Asih's Kelopo Satay / @dav30ng


Located on Mayor Mustajab street, Bu Asih's Kelopo Satay has been a pioneer in Surabaya since 1945, and it is always packed with customers. Tourists love to visit this stall as it offers a unique taste that cannot be found elsewhere.

The stall offers a variety of meats, including beef, muscle parts, fat, and chicken. The klopo satay here is served with peanut sauce, and is garnished with shallots and chilies to enhance its freshness. In addition, this shop is also popular among Indonesian celebrities who visit Surabaya.

Menu List

Bu Asih's Kelopo Satay / @surabayafoodies
Bu Asih's Kelopo Satay / @surabayafoodies

Then, what are the menus at Bu Asih's Kelopo Satay? Here is the latest information for you!

  • Meat/Fat Satay: IDR 36,000
  • Chicken Satay: IDR 27,000
  • Intestine satay: IDR 37,000
  • Sate Sumsum: IDR 39,000
  • Muscle Satay: IDR 39,000
  • Mixed satay: IDR 38,000
  • Chicken Beef Satay: IDR 32,000
  • Rice: IDR 6,000
  • Lontong: IDR 4,000

Opening hours

Bu Asih's Kelopo Satay operates daily from 07.00 to 22.00, offering a unique culinary experience that you wouldn't want to miss when visiting Surabaya.

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