Best Diving Spot in Paisu Pok Lake, Luk Panenteng

Curious about the charm of Paisu Pok Lake? Here is the complete information!
28 Jun 2022 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Paisu Pok Lake /
Paisu Pok Lake / ayuaisyahbustamin

Central Sulawesi has a variety of hidden natural attractions that you can include in your holiday wishlist, one of which is Paisu Pok Lake in Luk Panenteng, Banggai Islands Regency. This lake also called the mirror lake because the clear water so that you can see the lake's biota from the surface.

Curious about the charm of Paisu Pok Lake? Here is the complete information!



Diving at Paisu Pok Lake /
Diving at Paisu Pok Lake / aficalibre

Paisu Pok Lake, in the Banggai language, means "black water" because the plants at the bottom of the lake sometimes make this lake reflect black color. However, you will often find that Paisu Pok Lake is clear blue. You can even see the bottom of this lake.

Because the location of Paisu Pok Lake is close to the sea, it turns out that this makes Paisu Pok Lake has two flavors, i.e. fresh and salty. In this lake, you will feel the cool and calm air because the location of the lake is in the middle of a lush expanse of coconut tree forest.

In addition, Paisu Pok Lake also provides a place for diving, so you can try diving and see firsthand the beauty of this lake.

Entrance Ticket Prices at Paisu Pok Lake

The price of admission at Paisu Pok Lake starts at IDR 10,000 per person. To arrive at the lake location, you need to walk for 10 minutes from the parking location because the lake is still in the middle of the forest, so vehicles can't yet enter it.

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