5 Best Bars in Bali You Shouldn’t Miss!

Here are the recommended bars in Bali that you must visit!
20 Jun 2022 · By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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1. Rock Bar Bali

Rock Bar Bali /
Rock Bar Bali / @kyirfano

Rock Bar in Bali offers outstanding views from the cliffs 14 meters above the Indian Ocean. Although Rock Bar Bali is part of Ayana Resort and Spa Bali, this place is open to the public. Rock Bar Ayana provides 18 VIP seats and can accommodate approximately 650 visitors.

To visit here, you must go through the cliffside inclinator of AYANA Resort & Spa, which is the only access to Rock Bar Bali.

2. Double Six

Double Six Bar /
Double Six Bar / doublesixrooftop

Double-Six Rooftop is a bar in Bali with a breathtaking view overlooking Blue Ocean Beach. The best thing you will get from this bar is the sunset view you can enjoy directly from the bar sofa. Besides that, you can also see the city light from this rooftop bar.

3. Woobar

Woobar /
Woobar / woobarbali

Spending the holidays at Woobar Bali is indeed pretty relaxing. This bar in Bali offers a refreshing atmosphere, due to the spot where this bar is located is deemed to be anti-mainstream.

In addition to lying on the beach, there will be many exciting activities that are interesting for you to explore when traveling to this place. Capture the moments of hangouts and hanging out at Woobar Beach Club Bali for holiday memories on the Dewata island.

4. La Favela

La Favela /
La Favela / lafavelabali_

The next recommended bar in Bali is La Favela. This bar is one of the mandatory destinations if you are in Kuta.

It's not hard to find La Favela. Located in Kuta, you’ll notice the crowded entrance of La Favela, particularly during sunset.

5. Karma Beach Bali

Karma Beach Bali /
Karma Beach Bali / karmabeachclubs

Karma Beach is a bar in Bali overlooking a beach with the same name, namely Karma Kandara Beach. This beach is one of Bali's secluded beaches that is not open to the public.

So, to visit and enjoy the beauty and the best spots at Karma Kandara Beach, you need to book in advance.

Are you interested in trying this bar in Bali?

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