Banyumala Waterfall: Most Stunning Waterfall in Bali

Are you planning to visit the Banyumala waterfall? Check out the latest information below!
1 Aug 2022 ·By Ayurizka Purwadhania
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Banyumala Waterfall / @kadekarini
Banyumala Waterfall / @kadekarini

Bali offers various natural tourist destinations that you must visit, one of which is the Banyumala waterfall tour. Located in the Buleleng area, this tourism spot is one of the hidden gems in Bali.

Banyumala waterfall tours are often referred to as twin waterfalls because there are two waterfalls in the same area.

This place is a favorite of many tourists for sunbathing or just swimming because the water discharge in this waterfall is known to be calmer and not heavy.

Are you planning to visit the Banyumala waterfall? Check out the latest information below!




Banyumala Waterfall / @imam_hanafy05
Banyumala Waterfall / @imam_hanafy05

Banyumala waterfall is a favorite tourist spot to swim or play water.

This waterfall is known to have a water discharge that is not too heavy, so it is safer for your swimming activities.

In addition, another activity that you can do at Banyumala Waterfall is a picnic while basking in the sun.

Sunbathing in the waterfall feels more relaxed than just sunbathing on the beach.

Banyumala waterfall is surrounded by various shady trees, making the atmosphere more beautiful and relaxed.


Here are the facilities that you can find at Banyumala Waterfall Tour:

  • Parking area
  • Toilet
  • Photo Spot
  • Mosque

Entrance Ticket Prices and Opening Hours

The price of admission to the Banyumala waterfall tour is only IDR 10,000 / person. You can immediately enjoy the charm of this waterfall while swimming or sunbathing on the waterfall's edge.

Banyumala waterfall tour is open every day from 08.00-18.00. The best time to visit this place is 08.00-10.00 when the weather is sunny, so the view of the waterfall will be visible.

Well, that's the review of the Banyumala waterfall tour. Hopefully, it can be a reference for your vacation destination in Bali!

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