Atlantis Land Kenjeran Surabaya: Exciting Surabaya Water Theme Park

It's a popular place for families and thrill seekers, with lots of fun rides and attractions.
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Atlantis Land Kenjeran Surabaya is an amusement park located in Surabaya, Indonesia. It is a popular destination for families and thrill seekers, offering a variety of exciting rides and attractions.

Atlantis Land Kenjeran Surabaya / @atlantislandofficial
Atlantis Land Kenjeran Surabaya / @atlantislandofficial

This place is inside Ken Park. This is good for tourists who want to enjoy another corner of Surabaya City. Atlantis Land Kenjeran Surabaya is in the city of Surabaya, with magnificent architecture and soothing blue eyes.


Atlantis Land Kota Surabaya / @andikjayangr
Atlantis Land Kota Surabaya / @andikjayangr

Atlantis Land Kenjeran Surabaya is on Jalan Kenjeran, Sukolilo Baru, Bulak, Surabaya, East Java. If confused, click this GoogleMaps link:


Facilities and Attractions

Atlantis Land Kenjeran water park
Atlantis Land Kenjeran water park

One of the prominent attractions at Atlantis Land Kenjeran Surabaya is a thrilling roller coaster. This high-speed ride will take you on a wild and exciting ride through twists and turns, loop-de-loops, and drops that will leave you feeling exhilarated.

Another popular attraction in the park is the water park. Here, visitors can cool off and have fun in the sun, with various water slides, swimming pools and other water attractions. From lazy rivers and wave pools, to high-speed water slides and splash pads, there's something for everyone at the water park.

Apart from rides and attractions, Atlantis Land Kenjeran Surabaya also offers various dining and shopping options. Diners can enjoy a wide variety of local and international cuisine at the garden restaurant, or enjoy a light meal at one of the many food stalls. The park also has various shops, where visitors can purchase souvenirs and other items to commemorate their trip.

Family Rides

  • Dioramas
  • Palace of Wax Statues
  • Ice Palace
  • Tea Cups
  • Wave Swingers
  • Space Fighters
  • MusicExpress
  • Carousels
  • Waterland
  • Duckboat
  • Dino Land
  • Discovery
  • Mystery of Atlantis

Kids rides

  • Ball Bath
  • Egg Dragons
  • Mini Happy Car
  • Running Horses
  • Fire Commando
  • Mini Tornadoes
  • Happy Car
  • Mini Coasters
  • Junior Bumpers Car

Adult rides

  • Power Surge
  • Star Dancer
  • Disco Pang-pang
  • Senior Bumper Cars
  • Boomerang Slide
  • Tornado Slides
  • DarkCoaster
  • Swing Drops
  • Blizzards
  • Vikings

Ticket Prices and Opening Hours

Atlantis Land Kenjeran / @nuryyantiaeni
Atlantis Land Kenjeran / @nuryyantiaeni

Price of admission

Ticket prices at Atlantis Land Kenjeran Surabaya is very affordable. Ticket prices on weekdays are different from holidays. Pay attention to the ticket price schedule when visiting. Here's the price list:

  • Monday-Friday: IDR 100,000
  • Saturday-Sunday: IDR 125,000
  • National Holiday: IDR 125,000

The ticket price includes:

  • Entrance ticket to the Kenjeran park area
  • Atlantis Land entrance ticket
  • Play all the rides as much as you want in Atlantis Land

Atlantis Land Kenjeran Surabaya entrance ticket prices are based on height. If your height is less than 85cm, it's free. Tickets can be purchased at the kenpark counter with cash. 1 ticket is only valid once in, can't go in and out. Ticket prices can change, but now the price can be a benchmark.

Opening hours

Atlantis Land Kenjeran Surabaya is open daily from 10:00-18:00. Fountains dance at 5:30pm daily. Schedules may change, but this can be used as a benchmark. This is a great tourist spot in Surabaya. When visiting, comply with health protocols by wearing a mask, washing your hands, and keeping your distance. We hope that the information about Atlantis Land Kenjeran Surabaya will be useful.

Hotels near Atlantis Land Kenjeran Surabaya

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