Missed Out on Jakarta E-Prix Ticket? Check Out This Offer from Ancol!
Join the live viewing of Jakarta E-Prix on a big screen in Ancol.
3 Jun 2022 · By Adrian Padmodihardjo

This Saturday, June 4, 2022, coinciding with the Jakarta E-Prix event, Ancol offers a special program. Only 1 admission ticket required for all the attractions in Ancol, comprises of Dufan, Sea World, Samudra & Atlantis, and Ancol Beach.

Ancol special program during Jakarta E-Prix /
Ancol special program during Jakarta E-Prix / ancol

Not only that, with just one ticket, visitors can also take part in Jakarta E-Prix live viewing on some of the big screens in the designated spots. Let's look at the layout below.

Ancol Festival
Ancol Festival layout, June 4 2022 / ancol
Some of the lineup at Ancol Festival /
Some of the lineup at Ancol Festival / ancol

As seen in the layout, the spots are spread across Ancol. Adjacent to the live viewing event, there’ll be a stage where a music concert will be held.

Electric Stage (stage 1) is located in Dufan. This stage lineup are Qorygore, Asiasix, and Kojek Rap Betawi.

Next, we have the Sustainable Stage (stage 2) at the Dolphin Park. This stage lineup consists of Padi, Kotak, and The Couch Club.

Last but not least, the Vibrant Stage (stage 3) located at Festival Beach will be headlining No Nation, Transformers, and Wali.

Is Jakarta E-Prix Ready?

After the incident of Jakarta E-Prix circuit’s grandstands collapsing due to bad weather, many doubted the readiness of this event. According to Tempo, as of Tuesday, the roof repairs are still in progress. The reparation is aimed to be completed on Thursday night.

That said, Ahmad Sahroni (Chairman of the Jakarta E-Prix Organizing Committee / COC) said that the main event tickets had been sold out. As for the Ancol Festival, up to 80 percent of tickets have been sold.

Ancol Festival ticket is priced at IDR 250,000, not including 15% tax (IDR 37,500). This includes Ancol admission ticket and transportation for 1 person. Faunaland and Gondola site are not included as part of this program.

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