Akebi Fruit, Mysterious Purple Fruit From Japan

Akebi fruit is a strange reddish purple fruit from Japan. Because the flowers smell like chocolate, this Akebi plant is also called “chocolate wine”.
3 Mar 2022
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Akebi fruit, a strange fruit from Japan /
Akebi fruit, a strange fruit from Japan / takoshiho

Akebi fruit is a purple fruit that can be considered quite strange. This plant is native to northern Japan, China and the Korean Peninsula. Because the flowers smell like chocolate, this plant is also called "chocolate wine".

Akebi fruit has a thick skin with a stunning purple hue. The flesh (the cloudy part) and the seeds are fused together and are a bit difficult to separate. To taste the flesh of the fruit, you must first separate the seeds with a spoon. Or if you don't mind, the seeds can also be separated while in the mouth with the tongue.

Akebi fruit has a soft and slightly sweet taste. In Akita Prefecture, Japan, the seeds of this fruit are used to make an oil which has antiseptic properties.

Uniquely, Akebi only exists for about two weeks in early autumn, so that it is used as a sign of the changing seasons by Japanese people. The benefits of this Akebi fruit include preventing colds and beautifying the skin because this fruit is rich in vitamin C (65 mg), healthy folic acid (30 mcg) and potassium (240 mg).

The video below demonstrates Youtube tasting the Akebi fruit. Watch the video:

Youtube Video: Tasting Akebi Fruit, Mysterious Fruit from Japan
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