Adventure at Jomblang Cave (Goa Jomblang)

Cave with steep terrain. The view is phenomenal
18 May 2022 ·By Ivan Zulfikar
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Light beam at Jomblang Cave /
Light beam at Jomblang Cave /

Jomblang Cave (Goa Jomblang) is one of the caves that has a unique view. There was an area of the cave where the ceiling had collapsed and caused beams of light to illuminate the cave like a scattered spotlight. This results in extraordinary natural scenery that’s hard to find anywhere.


The price of admission to this cave is quite high, which is IDR 500,000 / person. There is only 1 departure group in a day with a quota of around 80 people.


  • Boots and safety helmet
  • Single rope technique (SRT) equipment to descend into the vertical cave
  • Tour guide
  • Clean toilets, free drinks, pavilion for resting

What to Prepare

Traveling to Jomblang Cave requires careful preparation. You need to arrive at the location at 8 am to get a queue number. In the holiday season, you may need to arrive before 5 am to get queue number. Don't forget to prepare cash for payment.

Descending the vertical cave /
Descending the vertical cave / @victorgunawan7
Extreme terrain /
Extreme terrain /

The terrain of route to the cave and the cave itself is quite challenging, you must be prepared to exerts lots of energy. The atmosphere of the cave tends to be damp and in the rainy season, the road will become muddy. Therefore, prepare clothes that are comfortable to wear in the field.

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