A Must-Visit Location When in Sarajevo
3 locations that have become tourist destinations in the Sarajevo Balkans, visit the relics of the ottoman era
11 Mar 2022 · By Ivan Zulfikar

When you travel to the city of Sarajevo in Bosnia & Herzegovina, it's a shame if you miss visiting these three historical places. This city is known as the 43rd best city for traveling destinations in the world according to Lonely planet.

Strolling the old town of Baščaršija

This Ottoman-era plaza has been the heart and soul of Sarajevo since the 15th century. From here, you can see the Islamic domed roofs and walk down small stone-lined alleys. Imagine the life of society in the Middle Ages during the Ottoman Caliphate.

Bascarsiha old town, Sarajevo /
Bascarsiha old town, Sarajevo / flickr.com

Watching Sunset at Yellow Fortress

Yellow Fortress is a cannon fort located a 10-minute walk from the Old Town. The fort was once a defensive point against Austro-Hungarian troops in 1878. During the month of Ramadan, the area is packed with locals waiting for the cannons to be detonated to mark the end of the day's fast, followed by fireworks.

The atmosphere of enjoying the sunset in Sarajevo / goabroad.com
The atmosphere of enjoying the sunset in Sarajevo / goabroad.com

Visiting the Sarajevo War Tunnel

This tunnel shows the persistence of the people of Sarajevo during the war. Back then, the city was cut off from the outside world by the enemy. Tunnels were also built so that residents could escape the siege. The Siege of Sarajevo lasted more than three years during which more than 2 million people are believed to have passed through the tunnel.

Sarajevo war tunnel / roadaffair.com
Sarajevo war tunnel / roadaffair.com

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